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Screenshot: @NumbersDont

The Chicago Bears keep a rowdy locker room after wins, and after they smoked Washington on the road Monday night, they turned the visitor’s locker room into “Club Dub.” Everyone had a good time! Head coach Matt Nagy threw his arms around a bunch! Running back Tarik Cohen accidentally showed his teammate’s penis to the world!

After the victory, Cohen used Instagram to host a live broadcast from the locker room, propping his phone on the floor so he could stand fully in frame and hang out. Also hanging out in the background were the dick and balls of Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long, who unknowingly showed his dong to everyone watching. Cohen deleted the clip shortly after.


There’s still less nudity in this clip than the time NFL Network inexplicably showed a bunch of Bengals’ butts during a locker room interview.

Staff writer, Deadspin

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