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Illustration for article titled TASER® Trademark Hounds Insist Man Using Taser At Stadium Fight Was Not Using TASER®

Just in case there was any confusion about what type of stun gun Leroy McKelvey used in the MetLife Stadium brawl, TASER® spokesperson Steve Tuttle would like to clarify that it was most definitely not a TASER®. For your records:

The incident did not involve a TASER® brand device mentioned in Jets v Cowboys article. Can you please correct this reference as a TASER device and report as a generic stun gun?

TASER is a registered trademark.

Steve Tuttle
Vice President of Communications

17800 North 85th Street
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255

Tuttle is also on a Twitter rampage to fix this misconception. So we will add this update to our original report.


PHOTO: Deviant Art

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