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Taylor Swift Duetting With Nicki Minaj On "Super Bass" Is Perhaps The Greatest Thing To Happen To Pop Music This Summer

Deadspin once said some very nasty things about Taylor Swift. We now want to say some nice things about Taylor Swift.


Now, to be fair, the nasty things we once said about Taylor Swift were less reflections on Taylor Swift than they were on the coverage of Taylor Swift, which was incessant and sycophantic. And it was hard to understand how the press could be so aggressively on someone's side, especially when that someone hadn't been accused of anything.

Well, guess what? Swift's no longer America's top story. Her angsty new album is in our cultural rear-view. And so she finally shows us a fun side!

Here she is, accompanying the unofficial queen of Deadspin, Nicki Minaj, on "Super Bass," the song of the summer, on a recent tour stop. It's affable sing-rap, and that's not normally Taylor's turf. But the way she sings, with all that joy, makes us forget the bile we once had. This is just great. And if you can't enjoy this, well, you are probably an old man.

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