Tebow And The CFL: A Match Made In Inevitable, Inevitable Heaven

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I'm not saying Tebow's negotiations with the Montreal Alouettes are evidence he will wash out of the draft, then head north to play football. I'm just saying the CFL pays better than the UFL.

Marc Trestman has been a QB coach for eight different NFL teams, so it's no surprise that Tebow has been working with him in advance of the NFL draft. But Trestman currently happens to be the head coach of the CFL's Montreal Alouettes.


As a consequence of their association, the Alouettes' have added Tebow to their "confidential negotiation list," meaning that should he ever join the CFL, they have an exclusive option on his rights.

Now, while this is standard operating procedure, it's fun to speculate on Tebow's future, and extra fun when that future involves flunking out of America altogether. But when you look at it, Montreal would be a perfect fit for him.


First off, they're French-Canadian (read: Catholic) so they're all about that pro-life business (Ed note: Not true. I know. Stop emailing me). Second, they're reigning Grey Cup champions, and we all know Tebow's at his best when put on an already-successful franchise that runs a shotgun formation against an inferior level of competition. Remove any of those things, and he's powerless. This needs to happen.

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