TebowGate Is Tearing The SEC Apart

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Forget LeBron, forget Erin Andrews, the real sports mystery of our time is playing out in the SEC. Someone doesn't think Tim Tebow is the second coming. Don't worry, we'll sniff out the blasphemer.

Last week saw the announcement of the preseason All-SEC team, and there were three unanimous selections. Tebow was not one of them. Despite the lack of natural disasters prophesied should this come to pass, it's started quite the Arthur Miller-quality search for the one coach who left Tebow off his ballot.


Tebow received 10 of 11 possible votes (a coach can't vote for his own player), and with SEC Media Days currently underway, the journos have done all they can to smoke out the rat.

Every single coach scheduled to meet the press today publicly stated that they had voted for Tebow, so we can check four names off our list. The remainder are set to face the music over the next two days, and are certain to be asked about it off the bat. Secret ballot indeed.


Interestingly, suspicion has descended on Lane Kiffin, despite him being the first to publicly state he backed Tebow, calling him "a real special kid" who will be "a great NFL quarterback." As if it couldn't get more theatrical, Kiffin's is the very last press conference scheduled, where he's likely to be faced with the other 10 coaches' denials.

The lesson here is that the South takes their college football way too seriously. I doubt Tebow himself even noticed:

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