Teixeira Announcement May Be Just Minutes, Or Seconds, Away

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Well it was fun pretending that Mark Teixeira had chosen the Mets. But the Washington Times is reporting that a real announcement is close — like today close — and that the choice is ...

The Red Sox? I thought that John Henry said that was off? He lied to us!

While the source declined to discuss specifics, there are strong indications that the Red Sox will announce that they have landed the highly-coveted slugger, who has been courted this off-season by several major league clubs, including the Angels, Orioles and Nationals.

The Red Sox have been considered one of the lead contenders in the Teixeira sweepstakes, but it was unclear whether the team would be able to meet the asking price from agent Scott Boras, who had hoped to land a contract for as much as $200 million over ten years. Last week, Red Sox owner John Henry told reporters that the team was no longer pursuing the player, but the statement was widely seen as a negotiating maneuver.


Word has it that the Nationals were going hard to the hoop; an eight-year deal worth between $178 and $184 million. And since Tex is a Maryland native, the Orioles were hopeful (they were even going to throw in the Orioles door knocker).

By the time this is over, it'll be time for Brett Favre to start deciding if he's going to retire.


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