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Tennessee WR Jauan Jennings Dismissed After Ranting About Team's "Lying-Ass Coaches"

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Tennessee receiver Jauan Jennings was kicked off the team earlier this week after he went on a expletive-laden rant against the school’s coaching staff. Jennings has missed almost the entire season with a wrist injury, although according to him, he was close to returning for the Volunteers’ game against Vanderbilt this Saturday. After he was apparently told he wouldn’t play, he went on a harsh rant about how his coaches (“fake-ass, snake-ass”) won’t let him go off on the Commodores (who he “FUCKIN’ HATES!”).


A transcript of the rant:

Came from practice, was finna practice in this bitch, to play Vanderbilt on Saturday, cause I really FUCKIN’ hate Vanderbilt, with a FUCKIN’ passion, I can’t stand those bitches, each and every one of them, I don’t give a FUCK, like, FUCK them bitches.

[I’m] trying to come back in this ho, but you got some lyin’-ass coaches, some lyin’-ass, fake-ass, snake-ass coaches, that’s what the fuck wrong with Tennessee nigga. It ain’t nothing to do with no players, nothing to do with no motherfuckin’ injuries niggas, it’s straight fuckin’ coaching nigga. Fuckin’ niggas is some lyin’-ass bitches.

And I’m saving this video nigga I don’t give a FUCK no more nigga, bring us a coaching stff that is honest nigga and will do everything in they power nigga for the fuckin’ kids nigga, for the players nigga. Fuck the paycheck, like, damn this is for us.

But yeah, fuck the coaching staff right now, I don’t give a fuck.

Tennessee apparently did give a fuck, as Jennings was kicked off the team on Wednesday. Interim coach Brady Hoke announced the decision, and said playing for Tennessee is “a privilege.” Jennings is a junior at Tennessee, and he had a hand in two of the biggest moments of the Volunteers’ 2016 season, catching a game-winning Hail Mary against Georgia and breaking Florida with a go-ahead 67-yard touchdown.


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