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Terrell Owens Makes Buffalo Seem Like An Exciting Place To Live

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Terrell Owens has been a Buffalo Bill for all of about six hours, but he's already the most beloved free agent acquisition in the history of football. Although to be fair....we are talking about Buffalo.


Judging by the reception Owens got at the local airport last night, you'd think he was the biggest thing to hit The Nickel City since hot wings. There were cheerleaders, autograph seekers, even a guy dressed as a box of popcorn—all there in the middle of the night to see the greatest show on Earth wait in baggage claim. Is Upstate New York that desperate for entertainment?

Of course, this all makes excellent fodder for Owens' new reality show that started filming ... let's see ... last night! Do you think everyone in that crowd currently holds the title of VH1 "production assistant" or just the popcorn guy? Either way, T.O. is a one-man publicity wrecking crew that will certainly sell some red and blue t-shirts this summer—and it seems that the good, hearty people up there have no qualms playing the extras in his little fantasy world.


(This is what's known as the "love" part of the love/hate relationship. The first time he freaks out after a Trent Edwards post pass is airmailed over his head, then we'll see how giggly everyone is down at Jim's Steakout.)

Mayor Byron Brown is even giving Owens the key to the city today, despite the fact that the guy has not played a single down in a Bills uniform yet. I guess when your local heroes are all drunks, masturbators, crap rockers, Chloe Sevigny fellatio victims or Jim Kelly, a egomaniac crybaby sounds like a pretty good upgrade.

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