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Illustration for article titled Terrelle Pryor Is Threatening Chris Leaks Saskatchewan Roughriders Roster Spot

Regina just ain't big enough for the both of 'em. Because neither is really a competent passer, and both are long separated from their former glory.


Here's the AP's story:

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have acquired the negotiating rights to Terrelle Pryor and have spoken to Pryor's lawyer about bringing the former Ohio State quarterback to the Canadian Football League.

Pryor's attorney, Larry James, said Wednesday that the CFL is a genuine possibility for the ex-Buckeye.

"Yeah, it's like I told (the Roughriders). My house is not for sale, but at the right price, it's on the market," James said.

James was in a meeting and had yet to speak with Pryor about the Roughriders, however. James said he did not believe Pryor had ever mentioned the CFL as a strong possibility in their conversations.


One must admire the way Pryor's attorney speaks—he offers a metaphor about real estate deals when a literal statement about Pryor's desires would suffice, and in the process makes it seem like he's engaged in some kind of shady transaction. Well done.

But I digress: The Roughriders already have four quarterbacks on their roster, and Leak has attempted only 59 passes in his three-year CFL career. If Pryor does displace Leak, it would be a nice payback for the 2007 BCS championship game, in which Leak's Gators upset Troy Smith's tOSU squad. One assumes the Buckeye fans could use a pick-me-up.

CFL team looking into Terrelle Pryor [ESPN]

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