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Today was the home-opener for the Indians and according to Francona, he got lost on his way to Progressive Field this morning.


He lives two blocks away.

Francona is living in downtown Cleveland during the season and he plans to ride a small scooter he used during spring training in Arizona for the short commute to the ballpark. However, he decided to hit the streets on foot early in the morning and ended up needing directions to find his new workplace.

“I got lost three times,” he said. “Even when I got to the garage two people who work here said, ‘Hey, do you know where you’re going?’ I was like, ‘Nope.’”


For Cleveland's sake, we'll just assume this is a cute, "Hey Look At Me, I'm Your New Manager And I'm Just A Regular Yukster, Yukkin' It Up, Makin' Up Jokes At My Own Expense And Generally Just Charmin' Your Pants Off" kind of story. Otherwise, Terry Francona is a very stupid man and should not be in charge of a baseball team.

On the other hand, if the Indians keep playing at home like they did against the Yankees today—the game just went final 11-6, New York—he'll at least have a reason to get lost.

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