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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Texas A&M Fans Take Online Trash Talking To Bizarre New Levels

Their football team may 2-5 and winless in their conference (and they haven't even played Oklahoma or Texas yet), but the Texas A&M boosters behind are winning at least one battle this season. Their smack-talking YouTube videos are a surreal little slice of internet joy.They make very little sense, which is a huge part of their appeal, and the attacks on the opposing schools and their moonshine making abilities are nothing if not inspired. And yes, the teams they've been teasing have made a habit of pounding A&M on the field the last few Saturdays, but that only makes the irony more delicious. Maybe their luck with incest puppet jokes will change this week against Iowa State. After all, they are correct that Ames is very boring. videos [YouTube] • [Aggie Report]


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