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In today's Rule 5 draft, which allows teams to snatch up other teams' minor leaguers not on a 40-man roster but with a certain amount of service time, the Rangers took Russell Wilson, second baseman. He's probably not going to make much of an impact for Texas: he's got a pretty good football career going.


Wilson was actually drafted by the Orioles out of high school in 2007, but chose to attend college instead. He played three seasons at NC State, and was drafted as a fourth-round pick by the Rockies in 2010. He spent parts of two seasons in Class-A ball, hitting .229 with five homers, 26 RBI, and 19 SB in 379 plate appearances. But then the NFL came a-calling, and baseball was put on the back burner.

Here he is making a nice diving stop on a ball up the middle:

Because Wilson was taken in the Triple-A phase of the Rule 5 draft, the Rangers owe the Rockies $12,000 and can keep him on their Triple-A reserve list. Is $12,000 worth a little publicity, the future rights to Wilson should he ever decide to switch sports, and, apparently, some motivational speaking? Sure, why the hell not.

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