Texas Rangers Investigating Family's Claims Of Racist Harassment At Ballpark

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Over the weekend, Texas Rangers fan Jessica Romero wrote a Facebook post where she said a shithead at the ballpark repeatedly harassed her and her family while they were at Saturday’s game. She says the man—seen below ruining their family photo—loudly complained about the Romeros sitting in front of him and “made it perfectly clear during the 2nd inning that he is not a fan of Hispanics.”

“I had to hear him complain about all the illegal immigrants that were surrounding him at the game,” Romero wrote. “That he should kick little Speedy Gonzalez all the way back to Mexico for kicking his seat. That Trump needs to hurry and build the wall and send all these illegals back so they won’t be kicking his seat.” The family left during the fifth inning.


Jessica’s husband Ramon told the Dallas Morning News that the family has bought 10-game plans for a decade, though they weren’t sitting in their usual seats last weekend because they decided at the last minute to attend the game so their 6-year-old son could get a Rusty Greer bobblehead:

“I was just in shock,” [Ramon] said. “I would have said something, but she said she was more concerned about me and the safety of our son. She said she didn’t want anything to get out of control. But it does happen. It struck me that he’s at a game being played by so many Latinos that maybe we are good enough to play for him, but not good enough to sit near him.”

The Rangers are reportedly investigating the incident, and apologized that “this family was subjected to this offensive behavior” at the ballpark.

“What we’ve heard from people and the Rangers since, though, means a lot,” Ramon told the News. “People do care. Strangers are apologizing. It gives me some strength to think that the stuff we are hearing about will get better.”


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