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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Thank You, Deadspin, And Goodnight!

The past two days have been so much fun that they've reminded me of nothing if not... groin shots. One long string of groin shots. Now, I know this "too-hot-for-TV" beer ad has made the rounds, but — just like the genre was at the Springfield Film Festival — you simply can't get enough of it. I figured while you're waiting for Sopranos (or, OK if you insist, the NBA Finals), it'll give you something to occupy your time.


Thanks to Will for the chance to pinch-hit this weekend (and to MJD for taking a weekend off — though I look forward to his return next weekend with a renewed appreciation for his abilities). Mostly, thanks to the combination of tipsters, Commenters and readers who made the weekend one of the most enjoyable (if pressure-packed) I have experienced in a long time.

Hope to catch you at, where you can find much of this same type of shallow analysis I've given you all weekend on a daily morning basis. Otherwise, enjoy your evenings, and I'll catch you at my place (or at Deadspin in the Comments sections) sometime soon.
— D.S.