The past two days have been so much fun that they've reminded me of nothing if not... groin shots. One long string of groin shots. Now, I know this "too-hot-for-TV" beer ad has made the rounds, but โ€” just like the genre was at the Springfield Film Festival โ€” you simply can't get enough of it. I figured while you're waiting for Sopranos (or, OK if you insist, the NBA Finals), it'll give you something to occupy your time.

Thanks to Will for the chance to pinch-hit this weekend (and to MJD for taking a weekend off โ€” though I look forward to his return next weekend with a renewed appreciation for his abilities). Mostly, thanks to the combination of tipsters, Commenters and readers who made the weekend one of the most enjoyable (if pressure-packed) I have experienced in a long time.

Hope to catch you at, where you can find much of this same type of shallow analysis I've given you all weekend on a daily morning basis. Otherwise, enjoy your evenings, and I'll catch you at my place (or at Deadspin in the Comments sections) sometime soon.
โ€” D.S.