That's more like it. Yesterday was the NCAA Tournament as God intended it. Eight games, every single one of them close, with the possible exception of North Carolina/Michigan State, which was still up in the air with about 5:00 to play.

Still not a lot of upsets, though. If you filled out your bracket strictly according to seed, you're probably dominating. Sure, we had a 5 over a 4, and a 6 over a 3 yesterday, but I don't count those. VCU (and their head coach is a damn good-looking guy, isn't he?) and Xavier damn near did us proud, couldn't quite pull it off. Not that I'm complaining; a day of great basketball is a day of great basketball (though I'm not sure UCLA/Indiana quite qualifies as that), and I'll gladly take it.

So if we're going to get to the Sweet 16 with any Cinderellas in our pumpkins, our remaining contenders are 9-seed Purdue, 8-seed Kentucky (although, can Kentucky really ever be a Cinderella? I'd lean towards no, but it occurs to me that calling them a potential Cinderella might be terribly insulting to their fans, so maybe we should keep it), 11-seed Winthrop (our best chance, I think), and 7-seeds Nevada and UNLV.

But, if going without a Cinderella is the price we have to pay for another day like yesterday, then bring it on.