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Thank You, Tournament

That's more like it. Yesterday was the NCAA Tournament as God intended it. Eight games, every single one of them close, with the possible exception of North Carolina/Michigan State, which was still up in the air with about 5:00 to play.

Still not a lot of upsets, though. If you filled out your bracket strictly according to seed, you're probably dominating. Sure, we had a 5 over a 4, and a 6 over a 3 yesterday, but I don't count those. VCU (and their head coach is a damn good-looking guy, isn't he?) and Xavier damn near did us proud, couldn't quite pull it off. Not that I'm complaining; a day of great basketball is a day of great basketball (though I'm not sure UCLA/Indiana quite qualifies as that), and I'll gladly take it.


So if we're going to get to the Sweet 16 with any Cinderellas in our pumpkins, our remaining contenders are 9-seed Purdue, 8-seed Kentucky (although, can Kentucky really ever be a Cinderella? I'd lean towards no, but it occurs to me that calling them a potential Cinderella might be terribly insulting to their fans, so maybe we should keep it), 11-seed Winthrop (our best chance, I think), and 7-seeds Nevada and UNLV.

But, if going without a Cinderella is the price we have to pay for another day like yesterday, then bring it on.

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