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Thanksgiving Games As Uninspiring As Always

As usual, the Thanksgiving Day slate of games yesterday was hardly compelling. All three games were blowouts, and it's never a positive sign when the most dramatic moment involves the phrase, "hey, the Lions are within 15 now!"

That is, after all, all we ask of our Thanksgiving Day games: Keep it close enough to allow us to stare at the television rather than talking to our family. (That's not an insult, inherently, to families; it's just that everybody needs a break.) But it's difficult to convincingly look wrapped up in a game that's 27-3, even if you're a Cowboys fan. And that Colts-Falcons game was too sloppy and scattered for anyone to watch.


Mainly, we could just enjoy Ryan Grant and the Packers. That team is freaking 10-1 now. The Packers! They play at the Cowboys next Thursday in a game that will be hyped enough for the next six days without us starting it up now.

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