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That Guy Who Took A Dive Against Ray Edwards Has Been Suspended From Boxing [Update]

It's been a tough week for Nicholas Capes, the Iowa boxer who stepped into the ring against NFL defensive end Ray Edwards and proceeded to take an unforgettable and hilarious dive. According to the Saint Paul Pioneer Press, Capes has been indefinitely suspended from boxing in North Dakota.


Capes shouldn't be looked at as a villain, though. He was thrown into the ring as a last-minute replacement, and only took a dive to protect himself from the much larger and more powerful Edwards.

Event promoter Cory Rapacz says Capes was a last-minute replacement for a couple of no-show boxers and didn't realize what he was getting into before he got into the ring with Edwards, a former Vikings defensive end. He says officials expected Capes to try but says the backlash against Capes is unfair.


Honestly, every single one of us would have done the exact same thing. We should really be praising Capes, because his wish to not get his face caved in gave us a very funny video to watch, which we will now do a few more times.

Update: Cory Rapacz, the promoter quoted by the Pioneer Press, sent us this email:

I was the promoter of the event in West Fargo, ND on Saturday night.

I was misquoted. I said the criticism of Edwards is unfair. Not the criticism of Nick Capes.

Thank you.

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