That Moment When You Realize You Should Have Just Stayed On The Sideline

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We’re taught to give it our all in tasks, regardless of the outcome, because even if the effort doesn’t produce the desired result, at least you tried your best. This line of thinking does not apply to Green Bay Packers linebacker Kyler Fackrell.

The Packers were losing by 11 to the Skins in the fourth quarter when they found themselves missing a defender on the field on a Washington first-and-goal. Just as all looked lost, in came Fackrell, sprinting to his position on the weak side. The ball was snapped, Skins RB Robert Kelley took the handoff, and right tackle Morgan Moses tossed Fackrell the fuck out of the way.

Fackrell was inconsequential on the play. His existence made Moses’s life slightly more difficult for about one second. If Fackrell had stayed on the sideline, he would have lost with a little more dignity. Instead, Kyler got tossed so vigorously, his name is now Kyle, while Kelley ran through the rest of the defense with ease and scored his third touchdown of the game.