That Time Chris Paul Memorized An Eye Chart To Try And Cheat A Vision Test

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Chris Paul got eye surgery this summer, a vision-enhancing procedure he needed for some time. It’s hard to believe that one of the best point guards of his generation got by without perfect vision for so long, but he apparently did. Paul’s brother and father got their eyes fixed during Paul’s rookie year, but the Clippers point guard put the surgery because he’s a self-proclaimed hypochondriac. Paul finally got the surgery this summer, and his vision has improved greatly.

Dan Woike of the Orange County Register spoke to Paul about the process, and he dug up a wonderful nugget about Paul trying to cheat a Clippers eye test and prove his eyes were fine.

Chris Paul, the Clippers’ sure-fire Hall of Fame point guard, listed them off one after another.

“F-E-L-O-P-Z-D. D-E-F-P-O-T-E-C”

He recited the 20/25 and 20/20 lines on the eye chart in rapid succession. He didn’t pause to squint. He didn’t strain a single muscle on his face.

He made it – pardon the pun – look easy.

There was a small catch, though. Paul wasn’t reading from anything at all. There wasn’t an eye chart inside the Clippers practice facility.

He’d memorized the 15 letters, maybe in an effort to convince eye doctors he didn’t need to correct his vision.


The rest of the piece is very amusing and is worth your time.

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