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An email from Richard Connor, producer of America's Funniest Home Videos of Toddlers Swinging Baseball Bats in the Vicinity of Their Fathers' Unsuspecting Crotches, regarding this morning's screengrab:

Hi there,

I'm the producer of America's Funniest Videos. FYI, Jim Rome was indeed in the audience for that episode of AFV. Michelle Beadle and Robin Roberts... no. They've been photoshopped in, unless I'm blanking on recalling Beadle (don't think so).

Anyway, Jim was a pleasure to have that day, as was his wife Janet and son Jake (whom Tom Bergeron talked to on camera at one point). Had a nice conversation with Jim before the show and he was extremely gracious... and also quite aware that his clones" would have fun with his cameo in the coming days. Alas, this taping was probably 5 years ago. Guess it took awhile for the cat to get out of the bag.

There's your story in a nutshell. Keep up the great work, love the site!

So there you are: Yes on Rome, no on Beadle (who says it's a doppelganger). Mystery solved.


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