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That Whole Commenting Friends Thing You're Seeing

So Mr. Iracane will be doing a big huge FAQ on this come Monday, but we wanted to introduce to you some new commenting tricks our friends at Gawker have given us. In case you haven't noticed them already.

The main thing is the "Friends" feature. If you think the anonymous human you keep laughing at (or, we suppose, with) is someone of the sort you'd like to track, just hit that little "+" sign, and you'll have a friend. If you click your own commenting name, you'll be able to see all your friends. After you have friended someone, links to their latest comments will begin appearing on the front page of the site mixed in between the regular posts.And everyone will be able to follow along and have a grand old time.


So, you know, it's like Facebook, except with more jokes about penises. And if you're not a commenter, email Rob Iracane at and state your case. And he'll explain it more on Monday. If we can help you get time away from your family this holiday week, we are pleased to oblige.

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