That's All For Whitlock At Page 2

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Yesterday, The Big Lead picked up on a throwaway line in a Scoop Jackson chat and postulated that Jason Whitlock could be the next in line to leave the apparently sinking ship that is ESPN Page 2. Considering that Whitlock and Scoop are hardly the best of friends, we weren't quite sure how much faith we could have in that.

But, turns out, it's true: We've confirmed that Whitlock is indeed leaving the site and could sign a deal with the all-of-a-sudden everywhere AOL Sports as early as next week. He should still be a fixture on ESPN television, but that's just because Lupica's got a thing for big guys.


So, to take stock at Page 2: Since their arguable peak of three years ago, they've lost Whitlock, Hunter S. Thompson, Ralph Wiley, Dan Shanoff, Skip Bayless and, hmm, we're probably forgetting some people. We could debate the merits of some of those guys, but their loss pretty much just leaves (other than Scoop) Bill Simmons, standing there, wondering where everyone went. Isn't it funny that the one guy everyone always assumes is always on the verge of bolting ESPN is the last one left standing?

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