Whitlock Tells Us How He Really Feels About Scoop

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In case there were any lingering doubt what ESPN.com columnist Jason Whitlock thinks of ESPN.com columnist Scoop Jackson, allow Whitlock's Kansas City Star column should clear it up for you. In a column about a study showing how white the sports journalism industry is and what that means, or doesn't mean, Whitlock chimes in:

Lapchick's study has set off the predictable amount of simple-minded analysis that raw numbers often produce. Scoop Jackson, a black columnist at America's best and most influential online sports section (ESPN.com), filed a rant so juvenile and flawed on this topic that I nearly broke down in tears after reading it. His "column" perfectly exposed the problem within my industry and the sports industry when it comes to diversification.

Here's Scoop's column, by the way. We're going to try to stay out of this feud, though we feel obliged to point out that we can't believe Woody Allen made a whole movie about that guy.


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