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That's All We Need: ANOTHER Blowhard In DC

So here's a scary thought. If you thought Curt Schilling had a tendency to opine, uninvited, on subjects that don't inherently concern him now, wait until he runs for Senate.

Curt Schilling seemed surprised yesterday by the sudden groundswell of local supporters hoping to draft him into national politics and a 2008 Senate run against John Kerry. The Red Sox pitching hero didn't flatly rule out the idea, either, though he didn't sound like he was about to hit the campaign trail anytime soon.

"I couldn't rule it out because it's not something I ever thought about in a serious capacity," Schilling told the Herald. "I envision that I will probably be pretty busy in 2008," he said. "But I'm flattered as hell to even make this phone call."


Yes, we're sure Schilling seemed "surprised" by the "sudden" groundswell. Because if Schilling is known for anything, it's the self-effacing tendency to turn the camera away from himself. And you know what the sad thing is? We bet Kerry would figure out a way to lose to Schilling too.

Capitol Idea: Senator Schilling? [Boston Herald]

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