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Illustration for article titled The 2-Year-Old Who Was Hit By A Foul Ball At An Astros Game Suffered A Skull Fracture
Photo: David J. Phillip (AP)

On May 29, a two-year-old girl was struck by a foul ball during a game between the Cubs and Astros in Houston. In the first update about the child’s condition since then, an attorney representing her family revealed today that she suffered a fractured skull when she was struck by the ball.


Houston attorney Richard Mithoff’s office provided the update in a news release, which also stated that the girl had brain contusions, subdural bleeding, and brain edema. The release also said that she is taking medication to prevent seizures.

The Astros released a statement on the night of the incident saying the girl had been taken to a hospital, but have not responded to several requests for comment from Deadspin in recent days seeking an update on the child’s condition.

Like all Major League teams, the Astros extended their protective netting to the end of each dugout in 2018, but that was not enough to prevent this girl from being hit by a foul ball. Since the incident, the Astros have given no indication about whether they plan to extend the netting further, as the White Sox, Nationals, and Dodgers have.

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