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The $400,000 New York Jets Tickets

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Hey, Jets fans! Are you excited about the new Meadowlands stadium opening in 2010? Are you also an obscenely rich business tycoon in a recession-proof industry and lacking all economic conscience? Then you are in luck—or you were—when it comes to securing a seat in the new stadium. Unlike the Giants, who are selling personal seat licenses for the new digs at a bargain basement price of $20,000 a pop, the other New York club decided to auction off their seats to highest bidder and reserved the very best—two seats, front row, 50-yard line—for a special even swankier auction. The winning bid: $200,000. Each. That's just for the right to buy the tickets, which cost $700 a game. (The most expensive seat in the current Giants Stadium is $115.) So what do you get for all that coin? Free food, free parking, a separate non-plebe-infested entrance to the stadium and a special patio that allows you stand on the field next to the Jets bench during the games. Smell the excitement! The rest of the Coaches Club seat licenses are being auctioned off separately on StubHub right now and front row seats are going for about $60K a piece. All for the honor of being able to pay $14,000 a year to watch Brett Favre throw game-killing interceptions and maybe get to see that fireman guy do his J-E-T-S thing. Provided they even let that cheap-o back in the building. • 400G JETS TICKETS THE PRICIEST EVER [New York Post, via Bob Mantz Blitz]


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