The 49ers Almost Had A Chance To Win A Game

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The San Francisco 49ers secured their worst losing streak in franchise history with today’s 31-24 loss to the Dolphins, but they were about two yards away from possibly forcing overtime. Colin Kaepernick’s run came up short and Miami got away with the victory.

The Niners began their final drive with 1:44 left in the game, and managed to convert on fourth and 11 with Kaepernick’s pass to Torrey Smith. San Francisco was at Miami’s 24-yard line with 11 seconds left when receiver Jeremy Kerley wrangled in a high pass for 18 yards and dragged both feet before going out of bounds. Officials initially called it incomplete, but reversed the ruling on review, putting the Niners at first and goal on Miami’s six.


Another pass to Kerley was incomplete, so on third down with two seconds to go, Kaepernick took off for the end zone. Ndamukong Suh wrapped up the QB, and Kiko Alonso, a former Chip Kelly player with the Eagles, stopped his old coach’s quarterback and ended the game.

Considering how unwatchable the one-win Niners have been all season, they at least deserve a participation trophy for this game. Congratulations, guys. You almost did it.


Here’s the final drive:

Live Recording - Nov 27, 2016, 4_27 PM.mp4