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The Philadelphia 76ers currently sport a roster that appears to be made up of guys who were spat into the world by NBA 2K15's player creator. According to the team's official site, the Sixers got a little more unreal today, as the team apparently signed 43-year-old power forward Bo Outlaw, who retired in 2007.


Ol' Bo's roster spot is clearly meant to be occupied by Travis Outlaw, a much younger, but not necessarily better, basketball player that the Sixers traded for earlier today. It's an honest mistake, but I think it's telling that whoever is in charge of maintaining the Sixers' online roster didn't think it was inconceivable for the team to sign a 43-year-old who hasn't played in seven years. The fact that Bo Outlaw's biographical information is accurately displayed on the site suggests this wasn't just a case of getting two names mixed up.

So, it's likely that some NBA intern was lazily scanning Twitter today, saw a "Sixers Trade For Outlaw" headline, and thought to himself, "Huh. Bo Outlaw? Yeah, that sounds about right. Well, better go get this up on the website."

The Sixers should consider signing Bo Outlaw for real, though. He'd probably be able to crack the rotation.

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