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Floyd Landis's fall from grace appears to be complete. They finally got around to testing his B sample this morning, and - surprise, surprise - it was as tainted as a Paris Hilton pap smear. It's a little sad, but to be honest, it's probably more fun for American sports fans to have another doper to make fun of than it is to have another cycling champion.

Team Phonak immediately cut ties with him, and the Tour de France people say he is no longer considered their champion, though he has yet to be officially stripped of the title. If that does eventually happen, it will be the first time in the 103-year history of the Tour de France.


Landis, continuing to show that great Landis resolve and determination, isn't giving up the fight. There are likely to be a ton more appeals and denials stretched out over the next few months. This story threatens to become Barbaro-esque with its potential for longevity and annoyance. But at least it will give Floyd Landis and Justin Gatlin an opportunity to keep exchanging e-mails:

"Floyd, what's up, it's J. So what bullshit excuse are you going to give people?"
"Well, we've got a whole list of things. New excuse everyday until people believe us. You?"
"Ah, I don't know, man. I might just throw something out there like 'vengeful massage therapist.'"
"You totally don't have the balls to do that."
"LOL! Watch me, man!"
"You're NUTS, man! You are NUTS!"

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