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This is...impressive. Daughter of Rockets' head coach Rick Adelman, Kathryn Naro, a high school women's head basketball coach was pinched for her second DUI earlier this week, bringing the total number of Adelman children busted for DUIs to three.

Seriously: Adelman's son David was arrested for his second DUI back in February. Adelman's other son, RJ, was arrested for a DUI back in 2007.


Naro resigned from her position after last week's arrest because it was her second offense within the year, and one that violated the conditions of her diversion program she entered last year — a legal deal hashed out by the judge in lieu of heftier charges. Of course, the most important condition of that deal was that Naro, you know, not get busted for another DUI.


Proud papa Rick hasn't made any comment on his daughter's arrest nor on the troubling frequency of his brood's enjoyment of boozin' and cruisin'. But outside of "I guess we shouldn't have nursed them with Wild Turkey" he probably couldn't offer much insight into the situation.

Jesuit Coach Adelman Naro Resigns After Second DUI Arrest [OregonLive]

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