You know how we love a good and dopey fan-written team tribute song โ€” Sweet Shaun Alexander still wins the prize for the worst, if you ask us โ€” and this one's a particularly fun one, "The Ballad Of The Bengals," about how Cincinnati is finally going to take out Pittsburgh this year, or something, we dunno, not sure.

Our favorite is, without question, the chorus, delivered in a most stirring fashion.

We say "Who Dey?"
They say "We Dey!"
We say "No Way, Not Again!"
Because a new day is upon us
Cincinnati's gonna win.

If Bob Seger were really into football, he might write this song if he'd been on the road too long and really needed a nap.


(By the way, we think that makes us the first blogger to ever type the words "Bob Seger.")