The Baltimore Ravens' Training Facility Might Be Haunted

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Out of every NFL city, Baltimore might be the most ghost friendly. The Ravens are named after a poem by legendary horror writer Edgar Allan Poe and the good realtors of named Baltimore the most haunted city in the country.

So it’s not surprising then to learn that the Ravens’ Under Armour Performance Center might be haunted by a lingering spirit, trapped in this world while it awaits passage to the great, unknowable beyond. The Caw, a wonderfully named blog on the team’s official website, got into the mystery of the specter today and presented some spooky stories about the building.


Ryan Mink spoke with several employees who work in the building, and they all reported strange events happening in and around the facility, especially at night. The ghost or ghosts’s preferred time to cause ruckus is apparently between 3:30 and 4 a.m.

Ravens security team member and former police officer Melvin Cross had some pretty scary run-ins with the ghost:

Cross recalls once taking a shower in the locker room and the temperature suddenly dropping. He also remembers hearing a bunch of chatter one night coming from the conference room that’s essentially just above his head on the next floor.

“It was like a conference, just talking, talking fast,” he said. “You couldn’t understand it. You could hear them talking, like a lot of people talking.”


Fellow security employee Ellison James has some similar stories:

“It was like 2-something in the morning,” James said. “I looked down the hall and I saw a silhouette walk across that hallway. I ran to the corner. By the time I got there, it made that left going towards the gym.”

James has felt a rub across his face while sitting in the security office. It felt like an actual hand. He’s seen other shadowy figures walk by the office, through the main lobby.


Even Ed Reed once claimed that the ghost was messing with him at practice. As far as actual video evidence goes, there is this one of a door seemingly slamming of its own volition (or spiritual interference). Note how the plant does not move. Mink and Cross both tested it and say that the door is too heavy to be blown closed by the wind.

So is it a ghost?

Yes, definitely.

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