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The Beards Are Back In Town

Photo: Jeff Roberson/AP
Photo: Jeff Roberson/AP

Guess who just got back today?

Beards (on the faces of the Miami Marlins), that’s who. Before the start of last season, manager Don Mattingly banned all manner of facial hair, but the ban only lasted one season as Mattingly lifted it today. At the time, players complained a bit but didn’t seem too put-off by the mandatory shaving session. However, that acceptance didn’t last.

“It was a constant fight last year, honestly, with guys,” said Mattingly, speaking Tuesday before the first spring training workout for pitchers and catchers. “Through the course of the season and watching the playoffs and the World Series, for me it just didn’t seem like that big of a thing. The most important thing is our guys prepare and play the game right.”


Congrats to all the Marlins for their climatologically appropriate beards, except for Christian Yelich, who admitted that he’s still working his way up to a beard.

“I can’t grow one, bro,” Yelich said. “It doesn’t affect me.”

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