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The Steelers have been plowing through the Bears like a Peter King through a grande double caramel mocha egg nog latte. The Bears are moving the ball with only minimal efficency, which is not surprising. But what is surprising is the ease with which the Steelers have moved the ball. Willie Parker has 93 total yards with about a minute to play in the first half.

Two things come to mind that I failed to consider yesterday while wondering why the Steelers were six point favorites: The NFC is the junior varsity league, and the success of the Bears defense might have a lot to do with the offenses they get to feast on.


A lot can still happen in the 2nd half, and the Bears aren't going to go away, but if the second half goes like first half, this one looks like a game where the Bears could be exposed. Which I did not see coming.

Pittsburgh leads 14-3 just before the half.

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