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The Best Food In Movie History, Ranked

Please note that these rankings are based strictly on appetite appeal and NOT on the quality of the scene therein. Also, desserts count and documentary scenes do not.

1. Big Night, timpano assembly. That timpano, man. Hooooo boy.

2. Goodfellas, prison dinner

3. Goodfellas, coke paranoia meatballs

4. Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, Pure Imagnation

5. A Christmas Carol, Ghost Of Christmas Present repast. Why doesn't Scrooge eat? You start to see weird shit when you're hungry.

6. The Matrix, really big fucking steak

7. Godfather, Clemenza's meatballs

8. A Christmas Story, peking duck

9. Blade Runner, noodle bar

10. Pulp Fiction, five-dollar shake

11. Pulp Fiction, Big Kahuna Burger

12. Hook, make believe feast

13. Tampopo, the ramen master

14. The Great Outdoors, old 96er

15. Stand By Me, stick burgers

16. A Few Good Men, eating crabs and shit

17. Lady & the Tramp, noodle hookup

18. Return of the Jedi, whatever that shit was that Leia fed the Ewoks

19. Star Wars, tupperware breakfast with Uncle Owen

20. Pee Wee's Big Adventure, breakfast machine. CAPSELA! Holy shit!

21. Rising Sun, naked lady sushi

22. Ghostbusters, Chinese food petty cash dinner

23. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, Ziggy Pig

24. Saturday Night Fever, bigass pizza slice

25. Alive.

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