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The Best Joke Book Since Henny Youngman's

In what was probably inevitable, Marco Materazzi is writing a book about the experience of Zidane's head in his chest, and it's full of "joke" comments that might have set Zidane off.

Some "witty" ones contained in the book:

Hey! Where exactly is the sternum? Zinedine, what are you up to? You haven't lost yet... and you've already shaved your head!


Boy, it's almost as if Italian soccer hoods aren't that funny!

For the record, we have no problem with Materazzi's attempts to spin some comedic gold out of the incident — and he's donating proceeds to UNICEF, so it's for a good cause — but we still think it's a shame that the best line of all, "son of a terrorist whore," just didn't make the cut.

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