Richard Sherman nukes Skip Bayless, Kobe Bryant tells Serge Ibaka how he feels about nutshots, Mark Staal takes a puck to the eye, and the Lakers get tricky. Here are the best videos of the week.

"I'm Better At Life Than You": Richard Sherman Craps All Over Skip Bayless On First Take

So that was awkward. Watch »


Kobe Bryant Told Serge Ibaka His Nutshot On Blake Griffin Was "Hogshit"

"You can't do that, brother." Watch »


Here Is Every Known Gruesome Angle Of Marc Staal Taking A Slapshot In The Eye Tonight

It was audible pain, too, as is apparent to eagle-eared TV listeners. Watch »


The Lakers Tricked The Hornets Into Defending The Wrong Basket

There are reasons why the Hornets are 20 games under .500, and why the Lakers closed the game on a 20-0 run. Watch »