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One might think that it's weird to have Tom Brady and Ed O'Neill autograph the same football, because it kind of is. But if you're going to try and pull off such a feat—hey, maybe you need a gift for your dear friend who loves the Patriots and middle-brow ABC comedies—do what reader Tom did:

Recently clearing out a room in my house, found this football. It was signed in 2004 shortly after Patriots won Superbowl 38.

One side "Tom Brady 2x Superbowl MVP."

Other side "Ed O'Neill 4 touchdowns in 1 game."

Both happened to be in the same place at the same time. I was working on the set of a television pilot. O'Neill was a costar, Brady had a cameo.

Brady signed first as part of an autograph session for the crew. I remembered the Al Bundy line as I was standing next to Ed O'Neill, and asked him if he'd sign the ball. After he agreed, I found Brady watching a rehearsal and asked him to add "2x Superbowl MVP" next to his name. He seemed quietly annoyed, but said nothing and wrote it. I don't think either saw the other's signature.


For those who don't know (this includes me, I had to ask) the "four touchdowns in one game" thing was a recurring joke on O'Neill's old sitcom, Married With Children. That's good autograph hunting, Tom.


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