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The Big Deadspin PDF Preview Is Here

For those of you who like to have a handy, printed-out guide to bring with to the bar for the start of the tournament tomorrow, hey, you're in luck. Like last year, we have compiled all our NCAA tournament capsules into an easy-to-handle, digestible, HAPPY FUN TIME pretty PDF file for all your NCAA tourney needs.

Like the Deadspin bracket, it's designed by the moonwalking Jim Cooke over at Jim Cooke Illustration, and it's 35 pages of tidbit-previewing goodness. (We've even corrected some of the typos and grammatical errors in the original version, though we surely missed a few, because we are but just one guy.) When everyone else at the sports bar tomorrow is asking, "Hey, who's a famous graduate of New Mexico State?" if you print this out and bring it with you, doggone it, you'll have the answer.


Anyway, we hope you enjoy. After all, you put it together.

Deadspin 2007 NCAA Tournament Preview (PDF)

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