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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

The Bills Get The Monday Night Football Buzzsaw Treatment

Illustration for article titled The Bills Get The Monday Night Football Buzzsaw Treatment

Perhaps this is now going to become a yearly ritual on "Monday Night Football:" Franchise that rarely plays on Monday night shocks undefeated, heavily favorite road team and seemingly secures the win four or five times, thanks to the poor play of the young opposing quarterback. And then they lose in the most heartbreaking way possible. The Cowboys are what we thought they were, indeed.


Yes, if you were distracted by the Indians' win last night, you missed an epic Monday Nighter, a game in which Tony Romo turned the ball over six times, missed a two-point conversion with 20 seconds left and still somehow won for the Cowboys. Life has been rough enough for Bills fans in recent years; frankly, they shouldn't have had to go through this.

And, now: A note about the whole pre-field-goal snap timeout business. This is becoming frustrating, and not just for fans of the team who now has to kick field goals twice. It is getting to the point that we are watching game-winning field-goal attempts — one of the most exciting plays in the game — with skepticism, waiting for the kick to be replayed. This can't be good for the league. But we're not sure what can be done about it; it seems within the rules, in the same way that calling a timeout while you're falling out of bounds in basketball is withing the rules. And all it's gonna take is a coach calling a time out to "ice" a kicker in this fashion, and then watching his face fall as the kicker misses the game-winner. The opposing coach will have bailed out the kicker, who then kicks the next field goal through as the losing coach realizes he, quite literally, cost his team the game by trying to be cute. We suspect this time out business will slow down, once that happens.


Bills Lose It In A Heartbreaker [Circling The Wagons]

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