The Bobcats Were So, So Awful Last Night

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While Raymond Felton was ruining the end of an otherwise good Nets-Knicks game for a national audience, the Charlotte Bobcats were quietly having a statement game of their own—plunging deep into the depths of basketball shittiness during a 114-69 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Going into the game, Charlotte was a surprising 7-5 and was even being held up as a foil to the bottomlessly dysfunctional Washington Wizards. Here's what the box score tells us about how embarrassing last night was for the Bobcats:

  • They were down by 40 points at halftime after scoring just 24 points in the first two quarters
  • They were outscored 36-12 in the second quarter
  • They scored their 24th point of the game with 2:53 left in the second quarter, and then did not score again until the 9:34 mark of the third quarter
  • They shot 29 percent from the field and were outrebounded 54-37
  • Jeffrey Taylor led the team in scoring with 10 points
  • They had 12 total assists
  • The combined +/- of the team's starting five was -175
  • Kemba Walker started at point guard, and shot 0-6 from the field while dishing out two assists and two turnovers in 20 minutes
  • The Thunder pulled its starters just five minutes into the second half
  • The Bobcats let Hasheem Thabeet do this:

Maybe we shouldn't be so quick to label the Wizards as the worst team in the league. The Bobcats still have plenty of suck in them.