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The Brackets Have Been Out For Only 15 Hours, And Everyone's Already An Expert

The best part, to us, about Selection Sunday is how quickly the entirely unpredictable merges into the familiar. When the brackets are announced, every matchup seems deliciously random. Pittsburgh vs. Oral Roberts? Weird. But after about an hour of it sinking in, each matchup becomes fated to have happened, the destiny of every team. Of course Standford was going to play Cornell. Of course Washington State was going to play Winthrop. It's deceptively simple and logical, which is why we all think we're gonna do great in our pools, when, truthfully, we have no idea.

Regardless, the brackets are out, and that's all anyone's going to want to talk about today. (Proving once again, the NCAA's increase office productivity, not decrease it. The bracket, so massive at first, is already being shrunk down to size, and we'll be analyzing it all day today, along with Storming The Floor, which will break down two regions today, one tomorrow and one Wednesday. (Their analysis is deeper and more helpful to your bracket; our facile, flippant breakdowns are less insightful, and therefore we'll be able to hit all four today ourselves.)


And, of course, those endless NCAA Tournament Previews kick off today as well. So prepare to be flooded. It's the day after Selection Sunday; like you're doing any work anyway.

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