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I called Nate Robinson "annoying" earlier, but I may have been hasty in my judgment. From the Las Vegas Review Journal, via The FanHouse, comes this report of a dunk that Nate had planned for last night's contest.

Vegas Confidential has learned the 5-foot-7 New York Knicks star was at Western High School's gym Friday practicing a routine in which he leaped over a Playboy Bunny dealer who was seated at a blackjack table. Robinson won the title last year by leaping over Spud Webb, who stood near the freethrow line. But the Bunny stunt won't happen: The Knicks nixed it for safety reasons. A group of baseball players from Western who watched the practice came away with the story of a lifetime.


Safety reasons, my ass. Exactly what could happen here, Nate accidentally teabagging the young lady? Come on. It's not like this girl has never been teabagged before. The man cleared a standing Spud Webb last year, surely he can elevate over a seated trollop.

That's two potentially sweet dunks that were aborted by the NBA. Nate Robinson jumping over some trim, and Dwight Howard dunking on a 12-foot rim. Thanks a lot, NBA. Young Nate's intent, though, is at least enough to get him back in my good graces.

Nate Robinson, a Playboy Bunny, and a Blackjack Table [NBA FanHouse]

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