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The Case Of The Missing Tom Brady Super Bowl Jersey Has Only Gotten Better

Photo credit: Billie Weiss/Getty

Earlier today, the NFL announced that authorities had recovered Tom Brady’s missing Super Bowl LI jersey, as well as the quarterback’s jersey from Super Bowl XLIX. As more evidence about the case has been released, the story has gotten even more bizarre.


Today, Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reported more on the investigation process. According to him, authorities found a lead in a some locker-room footage, which shows one man following the Patriots into their area and leaving with items. Fox Sports 1 blurred the man’s face but presented the clip on The Herd today:

On top of that, Glazer reported that the alleged thief might have absconded with more than Brady’s jerseys:


The AP reports that the jerseys are currently in Boston being authenticated.

Reports in the Mexican press said that the person of interest is Mauricio Ortega, formerly an executive for La Prensa, a Mexican tabloid. La Prensa itself has released a statement explaining what they know about the situation. According to the paper, Ortega came to them a week ago and offered his resignation, citing family issues. The outlet said that its editors hadn’t known about Ortega’s connection to the jersey disappearance until the news today.


The statement, which included a public apology, also said that La Prensa does not approve of how Ortega allegedly abused his media credential, and that they have not been contacted by the American authorities investigating the theft but are willing to cooperate if contacted.

All of this allegedly puts a former Mexican tabloid executive in the locker rooms of the last three Super Bowls, surreptitiously nabbing incredibly valuable sports memorabilia right from under the noses of at least dozens of people, only to get caught a couple years later. This is the greatest story.

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