The Chargers' Equipment Manager Had A Showdown With A Referee Before Emptying His Pockets, Which Were Full Of Illegal Tape

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We linked to it earlier, but now we have the details, courtesy of the full report on Fox Sports and from the AP:

Fox Sports reported Sunday that during Monday night's game, an equipment manager came onto the field with an illegal substance on hand towels. Fox says one of the officials, Jeff Bergman, saw the towels and tried to confiscate the substance. When the equipment manager wouldn't give it up, the officials made him empty his pockets and found a skin colored or clear type of tape.

In his segment on the Fox halftime show, Jay Glazer said Jeff Bergman "brought other people over" to force the equipment manager to give up the towels and empty his pockets, which must have been pretty terrifying. Glazer speculates that the Chargers could be facing a loss of draft picks, "depending on how many people were actually involved in this, how many people knew about this, and how high up it went in the organization." So the equipment manager is probably taking the fall for this one.

Many have joked that the Chargers ceded a historically large comeback to lose on Monday night despite cheating, meaning the cheating didn't help. As Glazer's report suggests, however, the team was forced to stop cheating part of the way through the game, so it was actually working amazingly well. Invest in Stickum.