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The rumor about Bill Simmons "quitting" his B.S. Report podcast on ESPN due to restrictive over-editing policies were apparently overblown, for today the B.S. Report has miraculously reappeared. The one noticeable change to it is the new pre-show disclaimer from the Sports Fella himself that states , "The BS report is a free-flowing conversation that occasionally touches on mature subjects." I'm assuming the "mature subjects" broached will come in the form of occasional profanity, sexual innuendo, or the inclusion of male porn stars in fantasy basketball leagues. Or maybe he's going to push it a little further and he'll start churning out the podcast equivalent of the Robin Byrd show. The possibilities are endless! Also, Cousin Sal added at the end of his segment that Simmons should "let everyone on Facebook know that everything is cool between you and your bosses." So congratulations to the Bill Simmons for fighting the good fight to attain the type of creative freedom enjoyed by... pretty much everyone who doesn't work for ESPN. UPDATE: It's not on yet — only in the iTunes store.

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