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Everybody remembers when Josh Howard brought some unwanted attention to the Mavericks for going rogue on Michael Irvin's radio show by extolling the virtues of weed and admitted smoking it during the off-season.

Mark Cuban kept Howard's discipline in-house and said that his organization "would deal with it" but didn't get real specific. Howard also had that little anti-National Anthem dust-up in September that also brought him some unflattering notoriety. The Mavericks forward offered up a few more choice quotes recently — not about weed or flags this time — but something even more potentially embarrassing — his favorite skin care products. :


• "Nobody likes dry lips. To keep mine kissable, I use Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner"

• "To keep my cheeks kissable, too, I opt for Aloe Soothing Day Cream."

• "After running the court, it's always nice to have a foot massage, then a little maintenance with Farmhouse Fresh Foot Scrubs in Sugared Maple. This stuff smells so good."



I wonder if this interview will get Howard kicked off of the "Big City Rydaz" home page. I guess he can still be a "Big City Ryda" and use Farmhouse Foot Scrubs in Sugared Maple.



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