The Cubs Cannot Be Sold Until Shawon Dunston Takes Freshman Lit

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"Looks like everything is running smoothly with the sale of the Cubs. Let's just finalize everything with your signature here, and...hold on, what's this? A retired journeyman shortstop never went to college?"

Perhaps the most unlikely roadblock for Tribune Co.'s sale of the team comes in the form of Shawon Dunston, who sent a letter to a federal court objecting to the team being placed in bankruptcy. Seems they promised to pay his tuition if he ever attended college, which he hasn't and has no plans to.

It was a fairly standard contract clause for high school players in the '80s, and it's just Dunston getting some good financial advice and covering his bases.

It was just a formality," Dunston said. "When I signed the contract [in 1982], they said they'd pay for my college tuition if I ever went. It was part of my signing bonus, but I never used it. My adviser asked me about it, and told me to send a letter by the 16th [of September], so that's what I did. I have nothing against the Cubs."


It's OK, Shawon, college isn't for everybody. And at least you have something in common with most Cubs fans.


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