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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Cubs Are Disappointed You Did Such Filthy Things To Their New Mascot

It's been a rough two days for Clark the Cub, the Chicago Cubs' dumb new mascot. We put a gross dick on him, and a lot of other people did some not-so-nice things to him as well. The Cubs have noticed all of this, and they are tired of all the tomfoolery.

From ESPN:

"I'm disappointed at some of the unfortunate images that went from negative to despicable," vice president of communications and community affairs Julian Green said Tuesday. "There are some folks that had strong reactions to the mascot but at the same time there are folks that see what we're trying to do. It's strictly for kids and family entertainment."

From negative to despicable? Ummm, pretty sure things started at despicable. Did you see the big gross dick we put on him? It's really big and gross.


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