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Who is this comely lass with the burnt-orange hair and why was she strategically placed behind the Kansas bench last night? Was she there to distract Jayhawk players from their defensive assignments or as ESPN's Valentine to lonely basketball fans?

I missed the Kansas-Texas broadcast last night so I don't know if her presence was specifically addressed on-air, but her all-too-snug t-shirt did seem to be perfectly positioned to catch the eyes of the Jayhawk bench. It would be hard for her not to stand out in that tiny sea of KU blue, but the Lawrence cagers were apparently not impressed.

However, she did tickle the fancy of at least a few Deadspin readers, one of whom saw fit to send us all six of these images, along with this uncomfortable mash note:

"A very good win made better. Not only did Kansas have to play on the road against a Top 15 team, they also had to overcome the distraction of this girl planted behind the KU bench. This girl needs some pub and an offer from Playboy."


How dare you, sir! That's America's new girlfriend you're talking about. If she (or someone who knows her) is reading this and would like to introduce herself, here's our number. I promise creepiness will be kept to a reasonable minimum.

UPDATE: The images actually come from a Kansas hoops message board, where thousands of Jayhawk fans continue to be overcome by the vapors.


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